FreakOut - Native Ad Network

New Style Ad Network Focus On Smartphone

FreakOut Native is the Ad Network focusing on In-feed style Native Ads.
Nowadays, the point of contact with the information is shifting to mobile.
It can exceed your revenue and preserve user experience by using ad format which is similar content format.

What's Native Ad Network ?

Native ad is using a similar frame or layout to match website’s or app layout.

Examples of Native ads are social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter (with the word “sponsored” on )

Native ad is specifically displayed between content and is fitted to the tone and manner of the publishers website or layout. Hereby it perfectly blends into to the content around it.

You can improve user experience with seamless and uninterrupted ads.

Why Native Ads?

Focus On Smartphone Media

We are newstyle adnetwork specializing in smartphone. We support you building a better web media by providing new ad format.

Providing A Variety Of Ad Formats

You can customize shapes and sizes of your ad match to your website style.

High Profitability

Native ads decrease the number of wrong clicks. Bounce rate after page transition is 1/2 decreased, compared with the banner ads(※ our research), and therefore improves Profitability.

High Visibility

People look at native ads more frequently than banner ads. Native ads are more visually engaging than any traditional display ads.

Improvement Of User Experience

You can improve user experience with seamless and uninterrupted ads.

Easy Implementation

It takes only 5 minutes to implement. By creating a tag from the management screen, you can simply embed the tag in place you want to install the ad frame.

Create a new revenue source

You can increase total ads revenue without reducing banner ads revenue.

Create more ad spaces while keeping usability of website / portal / app the same.


It is adaptable to a variety of formats

Easy to implement and monitor

Just add a few lines to the CMS to start making your profit. You will receive UI access to monitor in real-time.

We provide solutions for ad agencies and content publishers.

Please feel free to inquire via this form for more details.